1Open the door to a new era in East Asia

Based in the commercial and industrial hub of Niigata, we nurture specialist knowledge and capabilities and develop expertise to take a central role in both local and global societies.

2Courses offered in Japanese and English

It is important for those who work globally to be able to make themselves understood in foreign languages. To train professionals who have communication skills in multiple languages, we offer courses in English in addition to courses that are taught in Japanese.

3Information literacy

To understand the dynamics of politics, economy, and society, it is indispensable to acquire information literacy, including methods of statistical data analysis. The graduate school offers a variety of programs for this purpose.

4Regional Development × International Studies

As a center of educational excellence, we intend to contribute to the local community. Our first mission is to nurture highly competent persons who have wide vision, high intellectual ability, and potential to be leaders in growing economic sectors; and our second mission is to address issues such as local employment creation and ways of solving local problems.

5Area studies based on sound theories

Students are expected to learn the latest approaches and theories about the rapidly changing international society and regional international relations. They also explore various issues of politics, economy, and society in East Asia, through collection of primary sources and analysis of empirical data.

6Academic training by distinguished faculty members

Faculty members are distinguished in their educational and academic records. To achieve a high standard of teaching, the graduate school provides in-depth guidance in students’ research.

7A new building for multiple uses

A new building for the graduate school has been built. The building is equipped with a research room (desks and chairs for individual use) and seminar and lecture rooms that can be used for various meetings and conferences. It is available for 24 hours and offers a rich environment for education and research.

8Research collaboration with distinguished scholars

Faculty members are scholars who have outstanding achievements and actively conduct collaborative research projects internationally. We expect students to participate in these projects and support their academic activities such as conference presentations and publications of co-authored papers.