The Graduate School offers a two-year master’s program intended to offer education and to provide academically-based skills training. It targets those who wish to study contemporary issues arising locally, regionally, and globally as various aspects of society are being globalized.

One of our objectives is to nurture human resources equipped with globally relevant skills; specifically, 1) the expertise to understand and analyze both international and regional realities impacting East Asia (Russia, China and South Korea), and 2) an advanced communicative competence in English. Besides, the School is ready to accept students regardless of their local and national origins and is well prepared for providing knowledge and skills for those interested in our program.

Triple-layered groups of course

The Graduate School offers three groups of courses to study international society, international relations in East Asia, and political economy of individual countries. To address problems in the globalized society, we are required to have wide scope and knowledge and understand regional international relations and political economy of individual countries. Unlike existing graduate programs, we aim to systematically study and teach these multilayered fields.

Academic language courses

The Graduate School offers academic language courses for oral exchange and professional writing. Through these courses, students are expected to acquire English communication skills and to take a lively part in the global community.


The Graduate School of International Studies and Regional Development offers the following degree:
Master of Arts in International Studies and Regional Development