【To those who apply for the entrance examination of the graduate school】Change of exam venue and measures in response to the Covid-19 infections for R 3 (2021) entrance examination (Fall schedule & Spring schedule)

To those who apply for the entrance examination of the graduate school


Measures in response to the Covid-19 infections for R 3 (2021) entrance examination (Fall schedule & Spring schedule)


In response to the Covid-19 infections, the Graduate School of the International Studies and Regional Development of the University of Niigata Prefecture takes the following measures for its R3 (2021) entrance examination of Fall schedule (to be held on October 17, 2020) and Spring schedule (to be held on January 31, 2021):


1  Change of exam venue (Special selection for students with careers; Special selection for international students)

For the special selection for students with careers and special selection for international students, the exam will be conducted ONLINE for English exam and interview. Besides, the venue for the general selection exam remains the same (at the university).


About Online Exam

  • Please prepare a webcam and an appropriate environment for internet access to use Skype. Please participate in the connection test scheduled prior to the exam day to ensure that the equipment works properly.
  • Video is required to confirm that the applicants themselves are participating in the examination (audio-only connection is invalid).
  • The exam day may be changed for overseas residents due to time difference.


2  Response to the infection (The General Selection)

Regarding the general selection, please be aware of the following points: If the examinee has a designated infectious disease including Covid-19 infection and has not yet been cured, or if the public health sectors determine that the examinee is a concentrated contact person with Covid-19 infection right before the exam day, or the examinee continues to have fever, cough before the exam day, or has a fever of 37.5 degree or higher on the exam day, the examinee will not be allowed to take the entrance examination.


3    Response to self-restraint of going out (The General Selection)

Regarding general selection, please be aware that if the request for self-restraint of going out is issued in Niigata Prefecture or in the area where the examinee resides, you will not be able to take the entrance examination


4   Special measures for those who cannot take the exam due to the influence of Covid-19 infection (All types of the exam)

We will implement the following special measures for examinees who cannot take the examination due to the influence of the Covid-19. Please note that we do not plan to conduct additional exams.


(1) Special measures:

If the examinees are absent due to the influence of the Covid-19 infection, they can take the next exam of the same type as follows. In that case, it is not required to re-pay the examination fee and re-submit the application documents.


【Fall schedule】(Oct. 17, 2020)→ Jan. 31, 2021 (Sun.)

【Spring Schedule】(Jan. 31, 2021) → Mar. 6, 2021 (Sat.)


(2) If you wish to transfer the examination to the next schedule, please apply as follows. Details regarding the transfer of examination dates will be notified individually to the examinees.


Request period: We will notify you by enclosing it in the examination ticket.

Application method: Contact the Admissions Office of the university by telephone. Application by agents is also acceptable.


5   About prevention and physical condition management (All types of the exam)

  • Wear a mask when you go out. Wash your hands, gargle, and take other infection prevention measures, and try to manage your physical condition.
  • If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms near the test date, be sure to visit a medical institution and receive appropriate treatment.


6   On the exam day (The General Selection)

  • On the exam day, please bring and wear a mask to prevent infection.
  • Please be aware that exam proctors also wear masks.
  • On the exam day, you can find sanitizers at the venue, so please disinfect your hands first after entering the facility. Also, please disinfect your fingers every time you enter or leave each exam room.


7  Others (All types of the exam)

  • The website of the graduate school will inform you if there are updates.
  • Be sure to check the latest information on the graduate school website before applying and taking the examination.


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