Examination fee / Tuition

Application fee 30,000 Yen
Enrollment fee for Niigata residents* 141,000 Yen
non-residents 282,000 Yen
Tuition fee(one year) 535,800 Yen

* Applicants have to have permanent addresses in Niigata for at least ONE year prior to their enrollment at the Graduate School to be qualified as Niigata residents.

The Graduate School of the University of Niigata Prefecture Scholarship (Grant)

The Graduate School has established its scholarship grant in 2016, as an incentive for academically motivated grad students.

【Eligible students】 First year and Second year

【Number of recipients】 2 each

【Grant amount】 ¥225,000 each(yearly)

【Screening period】
・First year students : August (for students who enter the grad school in either April or October that academic year)
・Second year students : April (regardless of students’ starting date at the grad school)

・One of the first year candidates will be preferentially assigned to a student graduated from the undergrad of the University of Niigata Prefecture, as a way to promote the integration of education from the undergrad to the grad school.
・First year students are eligible only after they completed the entrance procedures.
・Professional/adult students who also receive (or will receive) tuition exemptions from the Niigata Prefecture will NOT be eligible for this grant.

Enrollment Extension

Instead of the 2-year regular enrollment, the enrollment period can be extended to 3 years (annual tuition fees will be recalculated for the long-term enrollment students so that the total tuition fees are equal to the regular two-year program).

Non-Degree Student

※Please check the follwing Link for detailed information.


The Graduate School has a building that provides a students’office, a hall, and lecture rooms. The students’office provides desks and chairs for each graduate student for their own research purposes. The office is available for 24 hours and makes various education and research activities possible.

Career Paths after Graduation

There are three patterns for career paths after graduation.

  1. Regional contribution: Linking local activities to the global society by placing emphasis on the locality (Niigata), and understanding and analyzing the international environment. Possible places of employment: Public service in Niigata, tourism, manufacturing, the financial industry, and the media.
  2. International outreach: Business activities outside the locality (Niigata). Possible place of employment: Domestic government agencies, manufacturing, the service industry, the media, think tanks, overseas corporations, and international organizations.
  3. Others: Doctoral programs in Japan and other countries.

Current Students

General admissions

Message for prospective Students

Hello. I entered this graduate school at my desire for studying peace-building and contributing to the solution for inequality and injustice in the world. We can learn and study without any anxiety at the graduate school as professors give us brotherly advice. In addition, I believe that I will be able to become competitive globally through my experience in a program in which some courses are carried out in English. I sincerely welcome those colleagues who intend to contribute to peace in the international society from here, Niigata.

International student from Vietnam

Message for prospective Students

Dear prospective graduate students of UNP, I enrolled in UNP with purpose of studying intensively about Economics in English. It is quite amusing that I came to Japan without the capability of speaking Japanese as well as any knowledge of International Relations field in which this university specializes. It was quite arduous for me at first to adapt and learn both of them at the same time, but succesfully I still survive after all. The expertise of Professors, either Japanese or non-Japanese, is explicitly vast and profound. It must have been a tough task for them to enlighten and teach me from scratch. At present, I am rather proud of myself to be a greater ME and get better at a new language and a new major. It is all my pleasure to study here, taking in special care from Professors, enthusiatic support provided by university staff and great friends I have made at this school.

General admissions

2016 Graduates

Message for prospective Students

I graduated from the program in 2017. I received thoughtful care from not only my advisor but also other professors for these two years. Also, I was mentally supported by those professors and university staff in my job hunting. It was a strong point of the program that I could interact with many of the professors and do academic activities in an at-home atmosphere. Because of this rich environment, I would strongly recommend the graduate school for those who are interested in the program.

Special admissions for professionals

2016 Graduates

Message for prospective Students

When entering the program, I was concerned that I might not able to cope with both my job and research. I indeed spent a difficult time to deal with assignments for English courses and carrying out my research. However, I managed to complete my thesis under support from professors and friends at the graduate school as well as colleagues of my job. I learned a lot about how to do analysis and research, which I believe can be very useful in my future career. Two years I spent here were a very rich time for me receiving enthusiastic support from the professors.

Special admissions for international students

2016 Graduates

Message for prospective Students

Two years I spent at the graduate school were really pleasant. In the first year, taking basic courses, I indeed expanded my perspective on international affairs. In the second year, I could complete my thesis under Prof. Yamamoto’s guidance and graduate from the program. During periods that I took courses and had exchange with professors, I was able to improve my skills for Japanese and English as well as expertise. The graduate school would provide valuable experience for both those who intend to obtain a job in Japan and those who plan to return to their countries.