Examination fee / Tuition

Application fee 30,000 Yen
Enrollment fee for Niigata residents* 141,000 Yen
non-residents 282,000 Yen
Tuition fee(one year) 535,800 Yen

* Applicants, Applicant spouses or relatives falling into the first degree of kinship of the Applicants, have to have registered addresses in Niigata for at least ONE year prior to their enrollment at the Graduate School to be qualified as Niigata residents.

The Graduate School of the University of Niigata Prefecture Scholarship (Grant)

【Eligible students】 First year and Second year

【Number of recipients】 2 each

【Grant amount】 ¥225,000 each(yearly)

【Screening period】 October (regardless of students’ starting date at the graduate school)

・Professional/adult students who also receive (or will receive) tuition exemptions from the Niigata Prefecture will NOT be eligible for this grant.

Enrollment Extension

Instead of the 2-year regular enrollment, the enrollment period can be extended to 3 years (annual tuition fees will be recalculated for the long-term enrollment students so that the total tuition fees are equal to the regular two-year program).

Student Exchange Program and Credit Transfer Program

The Graduate School of Regional Development and International Studies has the following exchange program and credit transfer program with graduate schools in Japan and overseas.

Student Exchange Program

The Philippines: University of the Philippines Los Banos

National university was established in 1908 with 11 colleges/schools embracing 11,000 students. Located in Los Banos City, which is about 70 km south of Metro Manila. It is recognized as one of the top universities in the Philippines. Our students are able to do research in international development and other fields at the master's program of the College of Public Affairs and Development.

The Philippines: De La Salle University

This private Catholic university was established in 1911 with eight colleges/schools embracing 17,000 students. Located in Manila City, one of cities of Metro Manila, the capital, it is recognized as one of the top universities in the Philippines. Our students are able to do research in international development and other fields in the master's program of the College of Liberal Arts.

Credit Transfer Program

Our students are able to take courses of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Oita, Japan in international relations and international development in English online. Credits obtained through this program can be included for completion of our graduate school.

Non-Degree Student

※Please check the following Link for detailed information.


The Graduate School has a building that provides a students’ office, a hall, and lecture rooms. The students’office provides desks and chairs for each graduate student for their own research purposes. The office is available for 24 hours and makes various education and research activities possible.

Career Paths after Graduation

There are three patterns for career paths after graduation.

  1. Regional contribution: Linking local activities to the global society by placing emphasis on the locality (Niigata), and understanding and analyzing the international environment. Possible places of employment: Public service in Niigata, tourism, manufacturing, the financial industry, and the media.
  2. International outreach: Business activities outside the locality (Niigata). Possible places of employment: Domestic government agencies, manufacturing, the service industry, the media, think tanks, overseas corporations, and international organizations.
  3. Others: Doctoral programs in Japan and other countries.

Graduate Students

Current Students

International student from China

The reason why I chose the Graduate School of International Studies and Regional Development is largely because its courses integrate rich professional knowledge in international politics, economics, and culture. Although my research topic is related to politics, I am not solely studying theoretical knowledge of politics. Through different courses, I can rediscover a political or historical event from different perspectives, which is very interesting! And the research on the curriculum and oneself is smoother than imagined, because even when encountering difficult courses or encountering obstacles in research, teachers will patiently answer and provide assistance. It is highly international that the students come from multiple countries. I have made very good friends here. We have participated in various campus activities and traveled to many places together. The Graduate School of International Studies and Regional Development is a place where you can broaden your horizons and further understand the world. If you have an unsatisfied curiosity about the world's politics, economy, history, society, and culture, coming here will definitely find your answer.

University of Niigata Prefecture (Bachelor of International and Regional Development)
(4+1 program)

Through studying East Asian culture, languages and politics in university, I became interested in international exchanges, competition, as well as social trends in international relations fields. To deepen my understanding of international politics and economics, I decided to pursue graduate studies through UNP’s 4+1 program. My current research topic is on the changes in e-commerce, which is a bridge connecting regions and countries, and its impact on agricultural enterprises in Vietnam. One of the major attractions of UNP graduate school is the opportunities to discuss with professors and classmates from diverse backgrounds, allowing me to study international relations from various perspectives.

Working full-time

Nowadays, we can access a lot of information about international issues, but it is not always enough to capture the essence of the problem. Since I sometimes feel like I’m exposed to biased statistics and information, I decided to enroll at UNP and think about international issues to form an objective point of view. Due to small classes, I have enough opportunities to discuss topics with classmates and get feedback from professors that support my study. Balancing study and a job make me busy, but I’m very excited about pursuing whatever I’m interested in, and I really appreciate this environment.

Former Students

University of Niigata Prefecture

2023 Graduates

Looking back, my two years of graduate school went by in the blink of an eye. That's because I was able to spend two intense years full of substance. Of course, it wasn't all smooth sailing. I faced many challenges, such as tough classes and research that did not progress as I had hoped, but I was able to overcome these difficulties thanks to the support of those around me. It's through overcoming these challenges that I feel I have grown significantly, and I can proudly say that joining the University of Niigata Prefecture Graduate School was a great decision.

Working full-time

2023 Graduates

After learning that statistics is utilized in social science fields such as politics too, I challenged myself to write my master's thesis taking advantage of quantitative analyses. This endeavor gave me irreplaceable experiences of practically analyzing data and creating logical frameworks throughout sincere coaching from my supervisors. If you enter UNP, you will be able to enhance your abilities and expand your possibilities.

University of Niigata Prefecture (Bachelor of International and Regional Development)
(4+1 program)

2021 Graduates

I have researched peace education focused on English education. The reason why I chose this theme was to practice peace education for my future as an English teacher at school. I have taken classes kinds of international politics or international relations mainly at the graduate school, and all of them have become the basis for my main research of peace education. Though it is a minor field of research, I could get an advantage focusing on it.

International student from Vietnam

2021 Graduates

It was my first time studying abroad, and my 2-year experience in Niigata brought beautiful memories. Amid the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, I could still focus on my research and learnt a lot about social life. Attending Japanese classes at the university also broadened my knowledge of the language and the culture. I am very grateful for the generous support I received from my friends, including those of Japanese, Vietnamese and of various nationalities.

Working full-time

2020 Graduates

I studied methods of data analysis in this graduate school and also conducted my research for my Master’s thesis by using quantitative data. Since local governments are nowadays required to deal with globalization and to use data science, the experience of writing my thesis in English and analyzing data with statistical software at this graduate school will benefit my business career at a local government.

International student from Taiwan

2019 Graduates

Looking back my two years in the graduate school, I think I have been able to spend much more diverse and meaningful days than I had expected. I also appreciate the curriculum and this university for making it possible for me to improve myself through various experiences continually. Interacting with my Japanese tutors gave me not only the chance to refine language ability but also the opportunity to exchange the differences in culture. Thanks to Prof. Kuroda and other professors who walked with me on this journey so that I am able to complete my master thesis and graduate. I look forward to furthering experiences and challenges in my future life.

International student from Russia

2019 Graduates

Before I graduated from my university in Russia, I knew for sure that my future activities would relate to the international relations of Russia and Japan.
I chose the University of Niigata Prefecture because here you can simultaneously study international relations and the international economy. Also here you can expand your knowledge through communication with outstanding professors and students from different countries.
Thanks to the rich academic program of this university, I was able to compose a special program for myself from the most suitable courses for me, in order to successfully complete my thesis.

International student from Vietnam

2017 Graduates

Assistance and communication from the school were quick and timely, which supported my study and smoothened my life here. The professors of the school were proficient and erudite with broad intellect not only about international relations but also about economics and social issues. One incredible point of the school system is the connection between the graduate program and undergraduate program. Thanks to that, I could sit in some undergraduate classes and register for several Japanese language courses. To a foreign student who is restrained in the ability of Japanese language like me, those programs were great chances to make new friends, discover a lot of hidden attractions of Niigata, as well as experience the lifestyle of local people.

Working full-time

2017 Graduates

I attended the graduate school while continuing to work at a full-time job. Although it was often difficult to balance schoolwork and regular work, I managed to complete my research thanks to the support of my colleagues and professors. The intensive, small-class teaching at the graduate school gave me valuable contacts from beyond my own generation, business field, and nationality that benefited not only my academic and business career but also my personal life itself.