Consultation Seminar (December 20, Tue)

The Graduate School will hold a Consultation Seminar

Any questions about the faculty members and program of the Graduate School are welcome. At the seminar, you can ask anything about the program, including admission and academics.

Anyone (e.g., students of the UNP and other universities and those who have full-time job) is eligible to attend the seminar. Please come  and join us, if you are interested in our program. For details, see the leaflet.

Date:December 20 (Tue), 2016
Time:18:30-19:30(Appointment required. You can join and leave the seminar anytime)
Place:Room 4207 (2nd floor in the Graduate School Building on the UNP campus)
Contents:Faculty and Curriculum, entrance Exam, individual inquiry
Access:471 Ebigase, Higashi-ku, Niigata-city

Send E-mail or FAX that includes the following two items with the subject name “Consultation Seminar.” An appointment can be made by phone.

2、Affiliation (e.g., university and company)【optional】

※Although you may be allowed to join the seminar without appointment, we encourage you to make a prior appointment.

<Contact>Admission Office

TEL: 025-270-1311

FAX: 025-364-3610


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